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About Us

                             SARAH TODD                                     


   Dog Days Farm encompasses 132 acres and is located amongst the rolling hills and farmland of northeastern New York. 

     132 acres of pasture, garden, forest and a fully fenced 10 acres. I share my farm with a flock of sheep, 3 cats, and 2 Belgian Sheepdogs. 

Training Philosophy and Method 


     My goal is to help deepen the bond between dog and human through understanding, cooperation, and improved communication. Key words for a happy and healthy relationship with one's dog(s) are mutual respect and leadership (human). In order to accomplish that, I use primarily positive training methods.  

     In 1996 I got my first Appenzeller ( a very intense high drive Swiss cattle dog breed), and became involved in the sport of dog agility. In 1998 Sophie, my first agility dog, and  I earned a spot in the NADAC Nationals. While still maintaining a career in the movie business, I dedicated all my free time and energy to the sport of agility, earning a total of 17 champion titles in both NADAC and USDAA with my two dogs, Sophie and Bella.


      Because of the intense nature of my chosen breed, I dedicated myself to aquiring a depth of knowledge and skill in dealing with behavioral problems and training issues. I have attended many seminars and workshops, including ITC (Instructor Training Course) in 2006 and Instructions Advanced Intensive in 2007. I am a nationally certified trainer (CPDT-KA) and professional  member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).  


       Having a herding breed, I also became seriously involved with herding training in early 2003, traveling to Nebraska to work with my mentor Ann Witte who specializes in training non border collie herding breeds. Bella became the first Appenzeller in the USA  with a herding title, earning her American Herding Breed Assocoation (AHBA) Junior Herding Dog (JHD)  title 2003.


      I was born with the ability to understand dogs. It would only be natural that I would grow up to be a helper of dogs with people problems. 

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