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Why herding ???? For FUN, for the sheer joy of seeing your dog do what it was born to do. Unleash your dogs innate instincts. There is nothing more beautiful and profound than becoming a working partner with your dog.


Specializing in upright loose-eyed herding breeds, i.e. non Border Collie style herders.


Many people don't even realize there is a huge difference between the natural working style of upright loose-eyed herding breeds and "eye" breeds, such as Border Collies.


Do you have an upright loose-eyed  

herding dog ? Are you tired of  training using "old-school" methods? Frustrated with lack of progress? Good news: there is another way.....


I use a progressive, primarily positive, methodology developed by Ann Witte specifically for upright herding dogs:

"Maximum guidance, minimum corrections"


Call or email for rates and schedules  


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