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"My husband and I acquired a “COVID” dog that we brought everywhere and spent all our time with working from home. The idea of a six week vacation after the past two years was a dream but also scary to leave our much-loved Francie. Finding Sarah was absolute fate—we’d worked with two trainers previously and hated to send our dog off for training camp, so going to Dog Days Farm was killing two birds with one stone. Francie wouldn’t have to be “boarded” in a sterile environment, nor overworked to train for skills like bird hunting she’d rarely use. Sarah understands the mind of dogs and they immediately love her and want to impress her. She is loving but stern, teaching your dog rules that help to set boundaries even for the most tenacious dog such as ours. 


Francie came back to us a calmer and more obedient dog. She seems to have grown into herself while staying with Sarah and she is so confident, adept and compliant. We can’t thank Sarah enough for her time and attention with Francie!


Short: Sarah’s patience, expertise and loving attention to our rambunctious dog were a match we’ve found nowhere else. We felt so confident leaving her in great hands while going on vacation and came back to the happiest and most polite pup we could have imagined."

W.D. June 2022 



"Sarah has been a gift to our entire family, human and canine. After losing our beloved pet of 12 years, our elation at welcoming an adored puppy into our home turned to sadness when his anxiety and other behavioral issues led us to the heartbreaking conclusion that we might not be able to keep him. UNTIL we met Sarah. From the first moment we felt safe and comfortable entrusting our fragile little Mocha to Sarah’s joyful and loving care. What her frequent communications and videos showed us was that while acquiring confidence and skills, Mocha was also having the time of his life. What picking him up at the end of his 3-week stay showed us was that Sarah is as gifted a trainer of humans as of dogs. The skills she taught my husband and me - and on which we are still working with our happy puppy - ensure that he will bring our family the joy, humor and charm we initially expected and hoped for. We could not be more grateful." 
Patricia Crown 2021



"I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. If you are considering sending your dog to her, for the sake of you and your dog don’t wait any longer. 
We sent our 6 month old GSMD to Sarah for a month of training and vacation. His main areas of improvement were confidenceand focus / quick compliance. Sarah had him running in and out of scary agility tunnels, dropping high value toys on command and making better decisions with more composure and ease. And our pup had a BLAST! 
Sarah quickly identified the root of our pup’s “issues”, and no surprise, it was me. She gave me what felt like talk therapy sessions, clear instruction and tools to make sure my leadershipskills don’t slide. If I could check myself into her training boot camp, I would. Those hour and half long hikes through the farm every morning sound right up my alley...
Thank you, Sarah, for giving both me and my wonderful pup the right stuff to have a successful partnership. We will definitely be sending him back to you every year!"

Kate Salzman 2018

"Sarah Todd, owner of Dog Days Farm and trainer extraordinaire, has created the "Happiest Place on Earth" for canines! Complete fenced acres and acres to run, play and be free to be dogs, DDF is our dog's idea of heaven and a place where my husband and I feel totally at peace leaving him. 
We first enlisted Sarah to help us with our rescue Basset Lab mix, Ziggy, when he was a puppy with some untenable behavior issues ie: jumping, ignoring commands and chewing rather expensive shoes, eyeglasses along with baseboard and walls! After a home consultation, Sarah got his "number" and we boarded him, for training, with her for a week while we were away. Not only did our Ziggy make a remarkable turnaround but Sarah was able to teach us simple, effective and unique skills to use at home. Two years later, Ziggy has become somewhat of a farm fixture at DDF. He spends at least one day a week there just to run and play. We wouldn't dream of leaving him anywhere else while we're out of town. Dog Days Farm is truly Ziggy's happy place!"

Fran Weinstein 2017


"We have always had dogs and never thought we'd need a trainer until Cleo the giant puppy came into our lives. At 80lbs. she's a huge handful-sweet, willful,

distracted, and strong; we were struggling before we met Sarah. She is patient, clear, and enthusiastic with dogs; but it's her wry humor with humans that makes clear whom she really needs the patience with...(and we're learning).  After several sessions at our house and one "Board and

Train" stay, I accused Sarah of switching dogs on us!

It takes a lot of commitment on our part and when we fall off it shows but because of Sarah we live with a wonderful, much happier dog and she with smarter, much happier people."

Trish Lyell and Bob Gilston, Schuylerville 2014


" Sarah was so on target with my dog's needs and personality. She leads at a relaxed and fun pace that kept 'Sadie' engaged and learning but honestly it was my training that improved the most! "

Eliza Haselton 2013



"Sarah's phone consult on how to alter my puppy's extreme anixiety when coming in contact with other dogs on leashes reaped positive results. It took discipline and patience on my part but her instructions on how to classically re-condition a new response from my puppy was spot on. Her phone consult produced more effective results than the private trainers that I worked with in person. "    Darrell Wilks 2012

"I first contacted Sarah when my rescue dog was exhibiting aggression when I tried to put on his leash or collar.

Sarah responded within 24 hours and also scheduled our first session very promptly. From the moment I met her, it was evident that Sarah was not just a dog trainer but a behaviorist with a lot of expertise and experience. She took a full history and did a through assessment of my dog and I and then developed  a 'treatment plan' to meet our individual needs. She is creative and can think on her feet. Moreover,she gave me confidence and life long skills to use with my dog and was always receptive in providing follow up. I would highly recommend Sarah to help you with any behavioral problem you may be experiencing with your dog or for any type of obiedience training. "

 Lori N. Salem, N.Y. 2012


Call or email for rates and schedules 518.854.9704

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